Law and the Party in China

Law and the Party in China

Ideology and Organisation


Cambridge University Press






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1. Ideology and Organisation in Chinese law: Towards a New Paradigm for Legality Rogier Creemers and Susan Trevaskes; Part I. Ideology and the Party in Law: 2. Party Ideology and Chinese Law Rogier Creemers; 3. Making Sense through Ideology Gloria Davies; 4. The Conception of Legality Under Xi Jinping Ewan Smith; 5. Law-Morality Ideology in the Xi Jinping Era Delia Lin and Susan Trevaskes; Part II. Ideology and the Party in Law and Organisation: 6. Seeking Truthful Names: The External Implications of China's Internal Ideology and Organisation Margaret K. Lewis; 7. The 'Organisational Weapon' of the Chinese Communist Party: China's Disciplinary Regime from Mao to Xi Jinping Ling Li; 8. Disorientation for the New Era: Intraparty Regulations and China's Changing Party-State Relations Samuli Seppanen; 9. Technologies of Risk and Discipline in China's Social Credit System Adam Knight; Glossary of Chinese Terms: Political, Ideological and Philosophical Concepts and Slogans; Index.
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