Law and the Epistemologies of the South

Law and the Epistemologies of the South

de Sousa Santos, Boaventura

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. The Tragic Optimism of the Law: The End of a Story: 1. Unsettling times; 2. The end of legal reformism? Lineages of legal reformism; 3. The early demise of legal reformism: my journey through the Law and Modernization Program at Yale University; 4. Room for manoeuvre: Paradox, programme, or Pandora's Box?; Part II. Epistemologies of the South and the Law: 5. Introducing the epistemologies of the South; 6. The epistemologies of the South and law: towards a post-abyssal law; 7. Is post-abyssal law possible? Part III. The Abyssal Law under the Mode of Abyssal Exclusion: 8. Lawfare: a long history; 9. Colonial law and imperial law; 10. Colonial legal duality: the creation of legal codes for indigenous populations; Part IV. Real Legal Utopias: Interrupting the State: 11. The heterogeneous state, legal plurality and traditional authorities in Africa: the case of Mozambique; 12. The rise of a micro dual state: a case of highly politicised legal pluralism; 13. The refoundation of the state in Bolivia and Ecuador?; Part V. Real Legal Utopias: Interrupting the Law: 14. Law and revolution in Portugal: experiences of popular justice after the carnation revolution of 1974; 15. Popular justice in cape verde; 16. The landless rural workers' movement in Brazil and its struggles for access to law and justice; 17. The law of the excluded: indigenous justice and plurinationality in Bolivia and Ecuador; 18. Decolonising justice and democratic peace in Colombia; Part VI. Real Legal Utopias: Interrupting Hegemonic Human Rights: 19. Human rights in a post-secular age: counter-hegemony and progressive theologies; 20. Towards an insurgent, intercultural and cosmopolitan declaration of human rights and duties; 21. Rights of nature.
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