Agape, Justice, and Law

Agape, Justice, and Law

How Might Christian Love Shape Law?


Cambridge University Press






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Foreword; Introduction Richard Mouw; Part I. Biblical Foundations: 1. Jesus, agape, and law Robert F. Cochran, Jr; 2. Love calls us to the things of this world: the Pauline tradition and 'the law of Christ' Darryl Tippens; Part II. Modern Perspectives on Agape, Justice, and Law: 3. Agape, humility, and chaotic good: the challenge and risk of allowing agape a role in the law Linda Ross Meyer; 4. Javert and Jihad: why law cannot survive without love and vice versa Timothy P. Jackson; 5. Love, justice, and law Nicholas Wolterstorff; 6. Justice tempered by forbearance: why Christian love is an improper category to apply to civil law David VanDrunen; Part III. What's Love Got to Do with It? Applications of Agape to Law: 7. Christian love and criminal punishment Jeffrie G. Murphy; 8. Be instructed, all you who judge the earth: law, justice, and love during the world Charles Mathewes; 9. Justice, love, and duties of care in tort law Michael P. Moreland; 10. The when and the where of love: subsidiarity as a framework for care of the elderly Lucia Silecchia; 11. Agape, grace, and immigration law: an Evangelical perspective Jennifer Lee Koh; 12. Law, agape, and the corporation Lyman Johnson; 13. Agape, gift, and intellectual property Thomas C. Berg; 14. That vast external realm: the limits of love and law in international politics Alberto Coll; Afterword: agape and reframing James Boyd White.
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