Law and Christianity

Law and Christianity

Calo, Zachary R.; Cochran, Robert F., Jr.

Cambridge University Press






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This book will be of interest to students, teachers, and scholars in a variety of fields, including law, theology and religious studies, political science, philosophy, and history. The essays, by leading scholars from these fields, address classic theological issues as well as contemporary debates in law and politics.
Foreword; Introduction Richard Mouw; Part I. Biblical Foundations: 1. Jesus, agape, and law Robert F. Cochran, Jr; 2. Love calls us to the things of this world: the Pauline tradition and 'the law of Christ' Darryl Tippens; Part II. Modern Perspectives on Agape, Justice, and Law: 3. Agape, humility, and chaotic good: the challenge and risk of allowing agape a role in the law Linda Ross Meyer; 4. Javert and Jihad: why law cannot survive without love and vice versa Timothy P. Jackson; 5. Love, justice, and law Nicholas Wolterstorff; 6. Justice tempered by forbearance: why Christian love is an improper category to apply to civil law David VanDrunen; Part III. What's Love Got to Do with It? Applications of Agape to Law: 7. Christian love and criminal punishment Jeffrie G. Murphy; 8. Be instructed, all you who judge the earth: law, justice, and love during the world Charles Mathewes; 9. Justice, love, and duties of care in tort law Michael P. Moreland; 10. The when and the where of love: subsidiarity as a framework for care of the elderly Lucia Silecchia; 11. Agape, grace, and immigration law: an Evangelical perspective Jennifer Lee Koh; 12. Law, agape, and the corporation Lyman Johnson; 13. Agape, gift, and intellectual property Thomas C. Berg; 14. That vast external realm: the limits of love and law in international politics Alberto Coll; Afterword: agape and reframing James Boyd White.
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