Language and a Sense of Place

Language and a Sense of Place

Studies in Language and Region

Montgomery, Chris; Moore, Emma

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Changing Places: 1. Changing places: tracking innovation and obsolescence across generations Sali A. Tagliamonte; 2. Changing sounds in a changing city: an acoustic phonetic investigation of real-time change over a century of Glaswegian Jane Stuart-Smith, Brian Jose, Tamara Rathcke, Rachel Macdonald and Eleanor Lawson; 3. Local vs. supralocal: preserving language and identity in Newfoundland Sandra Clarke; 4. Variation and change in the realisation of /r/ in an isolated Northumbrian dialect Warren Maguire; Part II. Describing Places: 5. Corpora for regional and social analysis Karen P. Corrigan; 6. Using archives to conduct collaborative research on language and region Fiona Douglas; 7. Maps and mapping in (perceptual) dialect geography Chris Montgomery; 8. Which way to look?: perspectives on 'urban' and 'rural' in dialectology David Britain; Part III. Identifying Places: 9. Identifying places: the role of borders Dominic Watt and Carmen Llamas; 10. 'I stole it from a letter, off your tongue it rolled': the performance of dialect in Glasgow's indie music scene Miriam Krause and Jennifer Smith; 11. Where the black country meets 'black Barnsley': dialect variation and identity in an ex-mining community of Barnsley Kate Burland; 12. 'The land steward wouldn't have a woman farmer': the interaction between language, life trajectory and gender in an island community Emma Moore and Paul Carter; Part IV. Enregistering Places: 13. Characterological figures and expressive style in the enregisterment of linguistic variety Barbara Johnstone; 14. Enregisterment, and the social meaning of howay': dialect and identity in north-east England Julia Snell; 15. Indexing Acadian identities Ruth King; 16. 'Turtlely amazing': the enregisterment of 'Yorkshire' dialect and the possibility of GOAT fronting as a newly-enregistered feature Paul Cooper.
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