Language Politics and Policies

Language Politics and Policies

Perspectives from Canada and the United States

Ricento, Thomas (University of Calgary)

Cambridge University Press






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Explores the nature and effects of language politics on language minority communities in Canada and the United States, particularly with regard to educational policies. The book will be of interest to scholars in sociolinguistics, language revitalization, bilingual education, political science, American and Canadian studies, and language rights.
Part I. Theoretical Orientations: 1. The liberal tradition in America: a historical-institutionalist approach to US language policy Selma K. Sonntag; 2. The political ethics of linguistic in-betweenness Yael Peled; 3. Alienation, language work, and the so-called commodification of language John Petrovic; 4. Putting Canadian language politics in a global context Peter Ives; Part II. The USA Context: 5. Disciplining bilingual education Nelson Flores; 6. Measuring multilingualism in Canada and the US: ideology, policy and census language questions Jennifer Leeman; 7. The rise, fall, and rebirth of bilingual education in US educational policy and the new American dilemma Terrence G. Wiley; 8. Language policy conflicts: New York City's efforts to expand bilingual education amidst English-only assimilationist pressures Kate Menken and Sharon Avni; 9. Indigenous language reclamation - cautionary tale and necessary intervention in raciolinguistic inequality Teresa L. McCarty; 10. The politics of language education policy development and implementation: Minnesota (not so) nice? Kendall King and Martha Bigelow; Part III. The Canadian Context: 11. Heritage language education policies and the regulation of racial and linguistic difference in Ontario Jeff Bale; 12. A Foucauldian approach to language policy in Canada Eve Haque; 13. Promises, acts, and action: Indigenous language politics in Canada Donna Patrick; 14. Language, land, and stewardship: Indigenous imperatives and Canadian policies Mark Fettes; 15. A land of immigration and official French-English bilingualism: politics and policies for integration of adult immigrants into French-Canadian minority communities Monika Jezak; 16. Ethnocultural and linguistic diversity: new challenges to Canada's language regime Linda Cardinal and Remi Leger.