Language Change

Language Change

The Impact of English as a Lingua Franca


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. Dynamics of change from different perspectives and on different scales Anna Mauranen and Svetlana Vetchinnikova; Part I. Pooling Perspectives: Introduction Anna Mauranen; 1. Calling Englishes as complex dynamic systems: diffusion and restructuring Edgar W. Schneider; 2. English as a lingua franca in the context of a sociolinguistic typology of contact languages William Croft; 3. How writing changes language Ewa Dabrowska; 4. ELF and translation as language contact Anna Mauranen; 5. Present-day standard English: whose language was it anyway? Terttu Nevalainen; 6. ELF and the study of sociolinguistic change Janus Mortensen; Part II. Zooming in on ELF: Introduction Svetlana Vetchinnikova; 7. ELF, language change and social networks: evidence from real-time social media data Mikko Laitinen and Jonas Lundberg; 8. ELF and language change at the individual level Svetlana Vetchinnikova and Turo Hiltunen; 9. Are multilinguals the better academic ELF users? Evidence from a questionnaire study measuring self-assessed proficiencies Peter Siemund and Jessica Terese Mueller; 10. The role of co-textual and contextual cues for intelligibility in ELF interactions Veronika Thir; 11. Exploring the pragmatics of computer-mediated English as a lingua franca communication: multimodal and multilingual practices Rino Bosso; 12. Development of shared multilingual resources in ELF dyadic interaction: a longitudinal case study Aki Siegel; 13. The role of translanguaging in ELF advice sessions for asylum seekers Alessia Cogo.
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