Language Awareness in Business and the Professions

Language Awareness in Business and the Professions

Cambridge University Press






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Foreword Jonathan Clifton; Part I. Introduction: 1. Language awareness and discourse consciousness in contemporary life and work Erika Darics; Part II. Language Awareness in Business and the Professions: 2. Language awareness and leadership: more than a guide to communicating effectively Stephanie Schnurr; 3. Linguistic style and crowdfunding success among social and commercial entrepreneurs: an example of a language study in the field of entrepreneurship Annaleena Parhankangas and Erika Darics; 4. Challenging the discourse of newcomer socialization practices in organizations from a critical perspective Peter Kastberg and Marianne G. Dietlevsen; 5. Language guides: an exercise in futility Dariusz Galasinski and Justyna Ziolkowska; 6. Argumentative awareness as a driver of trust in investor relations and financial communication Rudi Palmieri; 7. Language, discourse and ecosomatic awareness Arran Stibbe; Part III. Language Awareness in Education and Training: 8. Critical language awareness and business communication Almut Koester; 9. A developmental model of critical thinking Dale Cyphert; 10. Membership categorisation analysis: developing awareness of categories and their consequences Andrea Whittle and Frank Mueller; 11. Sociolinguistic awareness in business professionals: breaking stereotypes and language myths Louise Mullany.
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