Kant's Theory of Normativity

Kant's Theory of Normativity

Exploring the Space of Reason

Pollok, Konstantin Philipps

Cambridge University Press






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This is the first book-length analysis of Kant's theory of normativity that covers foundational issues in theoretical and practical philosophy as well as aesthetics. It examines Kant's debt to his predecessors and shows his relevance to contemporary debates on normativity.
Preface and acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Part I. From the Clarity of Ideas to the Validity of Judgments: 1. Kant's farewell to perfectionism; 2. The concept of judgment and the divisions of philosophy ; 3. Kant's taxonomy of judgments; Part II. Kant's Transcendental Hylomorphism: 4. Hylomorphism and normativity; 5. Determinable sensibility and intellectual determination; Part III. The Legislation of Pure Reason: 6. 'Reason prescribes laws to us'; 7. The normativity of judgments of experience; 8. The normativity of practical judgments; 9. The normativity of judgments of taste; Epilogue: Kant's moderate forms of transcendental and political idealism; Bibliography; Index.
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