Kant's Conception of Freedom

Kant's Conception of Freedom

A Developmental and Critical Analysis

Cambridge University Press






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1. Kants writings of the 1750s and the place in them of the free will issue; 2. Kants theoretical philosophy in the early 1760s and its relation to his conception of freedom; 3. Kants moral philosophy in the early 1760s; 4. Kants dialogue with Rousseau; 5. From the 'great light' to the 'silent decade': Kants thoughts on free will from 1769-1780; 6. Kants account of free will in the Critique of Pure Reason; 7. From the Critique of Pure Reason to the Groundwork; 8. The fact of reason and freedom in the Critique of Practical Reason; 9. The Critique of the Power of Judgment and the transition from nature to freedom; 10. After the Critique of the Power of Judgment: Kants final thoughts on free will.
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