Kant on Persons and Agency

Kant on Persons and Agency

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Eric Watkins; Part I. Autonomy: 1. The unconditioned goodness of the good will Eric Watkins; 2. Universal law Allen Wood; 3. Understanding autonomy: form and content of practical knowledge Stephen Engstrom; 4. The principle of autonomy in Kant's moral theory: its rise and fall Pauline Kleingeld; Part II. Freedom: 5. Evil and practical reason Lucy Allais; 6. Freedom as a postulate Marcus Willaschek; 7. Kant's struggle for freedom: freedom of will in Kant and Reinhold Paul Guyer; 8. The practice of self-consciousness: Kant on nature, freedom, and morality Dieter Sturma; Part III. Persons: 9. Kant's multiple concepts of person Beatrice Longuenesse; 10. We are not alone: a place for animals in Kant's ethics Barbara Herman; 11. The dynamism of reason in Kant and Hegel Robert Pippin; Part IV. Conclusion: 12. Once again: the end of all things Karl Ameriks.
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