June Fourth

June Fourth

The Tiananmen Protests and Beijing Massacre of 1989

Brown, Jeremy

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. China's 1980s: 1. Happy; 2. Angry; 3. China's 1980s: Alternative Paths; Part II. The Tiananmen Protests: 4. The Tiananmen Protests as History; 5. Demands and Responses; 6. Backed into Corners; 7. Workers and Citizens; 8. Protests: Alternative Paths; Part III. Massacre: 9. The Beijing Massacre as History; 10. Authorized Force: Preparing to Clear the Square; 11. Permission to Open Fire; 12. Where Bullets Flew; 13. Inside the Square; 14. Victims; 15. The Massacre Continues; 16. Quiet Reckonings; 17. Massacre: Alternative Paths; Part IV. Nationwide: 18. Han versus Non-han; 19. Outside In; 20. Inside Out; 21. Rage; 22. Rural Actions and Reactions; 23. Alternative Paths Nationwide; Part V. The Aftermath: 24. The Purge as History; 25. 'Rioters'; 26. Don't call it a Yundong; 27. Going through the Motions; 28. Falsehoods and Defiance; 29. Aftermath: Alternative Paths; 30. The Future of June Fourth.
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