Judicial Selection in the States

Judicial Selection in the States

Politics and the Struggle for Reform

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction. The challenges of judicial selection and retention in the states; 2. North Carolina: partisanship in the extreme; 3. Arkansas: third time was the charm; 4. West Virginia: change and chaos; 5. Tennessee: unconstraining the Governor's choice of appellate judges; 6. Georgia: nonpartisan elections as part of court modernization; 7. Mississippi: a complex of factors; 8. Utah: the two step; 9. New Mexico: finding its own unique approach; 10. Connecticut, Rhode Island, and South Carolina: adding 'merit' to nonelective systems; 11. Florida and South Dakota: unsuccessful efforts to extend the Missouri Plan; 12. Nevada and Ohio: voters say no to the Missouri Plan; 13. Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Hampshire: talk, talk, talk, but no results; 14. Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma: unsuccessful efforts to end 'merit' nominating commissions; 15. Conclusion: what do we want in our judges?
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