Journalism and the Periodical Press in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Journalism and the Periodical Press in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Shattock, Joanne

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction Joanne Shattock; Part I. Periodicals, Genres and the Production of Print: 2. Beyond the 'great index': digital resources and actual copies James Mussell; 3. The magazine and literary culture David Stewart; 4. Periodical formats: the changing review Laurel Brake; 5. Gendered production: annuals and gift books Barbara Onslow; 6. Graphic satire, caricature, comic illustration and the radical press, 1820-45 Brian Maidment; 7. Illustration Lorraine Janzen Kooistra; 8. Periodical poetry Linda H. Peterson; Part II. The Press and the Public: 9. The press and the law Martin Hewitt; 10. 'Doing the graphic': Victorian special correspondence Catherine Waters; 11. Reporting the Great Exhibition Geoffrey Cantor; Part III. The 'Globalisation' of the Nineteenth-Century Press: 12. Colonial networks and the periodical marketplace Mary L. Shannon; 13. Continental currents: Paris and London Juliette Atkinson; 14. The newspaper and the periodical press in Colonial India Deeptanil Ray and Abhijit Gupta; 15. British and American newspaper journalism in the nineteenth century Joel Wiener; 16. Journalism and Empire in an English-reading world: the Review of Reviews Simon J. Potter; Part IV. Journalists and Journalism: 17. Dickens and the middle-class weekly John Drew; 18. Harriet Martineau: women, work and mid-Victorian journalism Iain Crawford; 19. Wilkie Collins and the discovery of an 'unknown public' Graham Law; 20. Margaret Oliphant and the Blackwood 'Brand' Joanne Shattock; 21. Marian Evans the reviewer Fionnuala Dillane; 22. Oscar Wilde, new journalist John Stokes and Mark W. Turner.
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