Jorge Luis Borges in Context

Jorge Luis Borges in Context

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. Borges in context, context in Borges Robin Fiddian; Part I. Self, Family and the Argentine Nation: 1. Borges and the question of Argentine identity Edwin Williamson; 2. Borges and the Banda Oriental Gustavo San Roman; 3. Borges in person: family, love, and sex Edwin Williamson; 4. Jorge Luis Borges's fictions and the two world wars Efrain Kristal; 5. Dictatorship and writing (1976-83) Annick Louis; 6. The public author and democracy (1984-86) Annick Louis; 7. Borges and Las Islas Malvinas Ben Bollig; 8. Borges and Sarmiento Sandra Contreras; 9. Borges and the Gauchesque Sarah Roger; 10. Twenties' Buenos Aires Eleni Kefala; 11. Borges and the Argentine Avant-Garde Eamon Mccarthy; 12. The Argentine writer and tradition Humberto Nunez-Faraco; 13. Borges, tangos, and milongas Ana C. Cara; 14. Borges and Bioy Casares Mariela Blanco; 15. Borges and popular culture Phil Swanson; 16. Argentine responses: Cesar Aira and Ricardo Piglia Niall Geraghty; Part II. The Western Canon, The East, Contexts of Reception: 17. Borges and Cervantes Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria; 18. Borges's Shakespeare Patricia Novillo-Corvalan; 19. The dialectics of idealism Marina Martin; 20. The English Romantics and Borges Jason Wilson; 21. The early avant garde in Spain Xon de Ros; 22. Borges and James Joyce: makers of labyrinths Patricia Novillo-Corvalan; 23. Borges and Kafka Sarah Roger; 24. Borges and the Bible Lucas Adur; 25. Borges and Judaism Corinna Deppner; 26. Borges and Buddhism Evelyn Fishburn; 27. Borges and Persian literature Shaahin Pishbin; 28. Borges and the 'Boom' Dominic Moran; 29. Argentina and Cuba: the politics of reception Alfredo Alonso Estenoz; 30. Borges and Coetzee Fernando Galvan; 31. Borges in Portugal Phillip Rothwell; 32. Borges and Italy Robert Gordon.
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