John Calvin in Context

John Calvin in Context

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Introduction. John Calvin in context R. Ward Holder; Part I. France and its Influence: 1. John Calvin's life G. Sujin Pak; 2. French Christianity in the early 1500s Raymond A. Mentzer; 3. The University of Paris during Calvin's life Greta Grace Kroeker; 4. French humanism Olivier Millet; 5. French religious politics Jonathan Reid; 6. The French wars of religion Diane Margolf; Part II. Switzerland, Southern Germany, and Geneva: 7. The Swiss Confederation in the age of John Calvin Bruce Gordon; 8. Strasbourg in the sixteenth century Steven Tyra; 9. Geneva and its protectors Charles Parker; 10. Daily life in Geneva Jill Fehleison; 11. Reforming the city-state: government in Geneva William Naphy; 12. Consistories and discipline Jeffrey Watt; 13. Reformed education and the Genevan Academy Karin Maag; 14. Worship, pastorale, and diaconate in early modern life Elsie A. McKee; Part III. Empire and Society: 15. The politics of the emperors Ute Lotz-Heumann; 16. Judaism in Europe during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance David Price; 17. Refugees Jesse Sponholz; 18. Calvin and women Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt; Part IV. The Religious Question: 19. Western ideals of religious reform Brad Gregory; 20. The Luther affair David M. Whitford; 21. Religious colloquies Ronald Rittgers; 22. The Council of Trent and the Augsburg Interirm Kathleen Comerford; 23. Biblical scholarship Jon Balserak; 24. The printed word Andrew Pettegree; 25. Polemic's purpose Amanda Eurich; 26. The style of theology: editions of the institutes Randall Zachman; 27. Baptism Karen E. Spierling; 28. The Eucharist Amy Nelson Burnett; 29. Predestination in early modern thought Charles Raith, III; 30. The challenge of heresy: Servetus and Stancaro Arnold Huijgen; 31. Idolatry Carlos M. N. Eire; 32. Trinitarian controversies Rebecca Giselbrecht; 33. Nicodemism and libertinism Kenneth Woo; Part V. Calvin's Influences: 34. Calvin and Luther Christopher Boyd Brown; 35. Calvin and Melanchthon Timothy Orr; 36. Calvin and the Swiss and South German evangelicals Peter Opitz; 37. Calvin's friends: Farel, Viret, and Beza Michael Bruening; 38. Calvin's critics: Bolsec and Castellio Kirk Essary; 39. Calvin's Lutheran critics Esther Chung-Kim; 40. Calvin's Catholic critics Ralph Keen; 41. Calvin and the Anabaptists Mirjam van Veen; Part VI. Calvin's Reception: Our Context: 42. International Calvinism Mack Holt; 43. Calvin legends: hagiography and demonology Jennifer Powell McNutt; 44. Calvin in the British Isles and the colonies Crawford Gribben; 45. Calvin in the Netherlands and the Dutch Atlantic world Christine Kooi; 46. Calvin in Asia Yudha Thianto; 47. Calvin's theoretical legacy in the seventeenth-nineteenth centuries Keith Stanglin; 48. Calvin's fortunes in the twentieth century Bruce Gordon; Conclusion. Calvin and Calvinism R. Ward Holder.
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