John Calvin in Context

John Calvin in Context

Holder, R. Ward

Cambridge University Press






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John Calvin in Context supports the readers' understanding of the world that Calvin lived in. Calvin's world is illustrated through contributions from social, cultural, feminist, and intellectual historians. His life is made far more accessible and the organization of the volume makes it an essential research tool.
Introduction. John Calvin in context R. Ward Holder; Part I. France and its Influence: 1. John Calvin's life G. Sujin Pak; 2. French Christianity in the early 1500s Raymond A. Mentzer; 3. The University of Paris during Calvin's life Greta Grace Kroeker; 4. French humanism Olivier Millet; 5. French religious politics Jonathan Reid; 6. The French wars of religion Diane Margolf; Part II. Switzerland, Southern Germany, and Geneva: 7. The Swiss Confederation in the age of John Calvin Bruce Gordon; 8. Strasbourg in the sixteenth century Steven Tyra; 9. Geneva and its protectors Charles Parker; 10. Daily life in Geneva Jill Fehleison; 11. Reforming the city-state: government in Geneva William Naphy; 12. Consistories and discipline Jeffrey Watt; 13. Reformed education and the Genevan Academy Karin Maag; 14. Worship, pastorale, and diaconate in early modern life Elsie A. McKee; Part III. Empire and Society: 15. The politics of the emperors Ute Lotz-Heumann; 16. Judaism in Europe during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance David Price; 17. Refugees Jesse Sponholz; 18. Calvin and women Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt; Part IV. The Religious Question: 19. Western ideals of religious reform Brad Gregory; 20. The Luther affair David M. Whitford; 21. Religious colloquies Ronald Rittgers; 22. The Council of Trent and the Augsburg Interirm Kathleen Comerford; 23. Biblical scholarship Jon Balserak; 24. The printed word Andrew Pettegree; 25. Polemic's purpose Amanda Eurich; 26. The style of theology: editions of the institutes Randall Zachman; 27. Baptism Karen E. Spierling; 28. The Eucharist Amy Nelson Burnett; 29. Predestination in early modern thought Charles Raith, III; 30. The challenge of heresy: Servetus and Stancaro Arnold Huijgen; 31. Idolatry Carlos M. N. Eire; 32. Trinitarian controversies Rebecca Giselbrecht; 33. Nicodemism and libertinism Kenneth Woo; Part V. Calvin's Influences: 34. Calvin and Luther Christopher Boyd Brown; 35. Calvin and Melanchthon Timothy Orr; 36. Calvin and the Swiss and South German evangelicals Peter Opitz; 37. Calvin's friends: Farel, Viret, and Beza Michael Bruening; 38. Calvin's critics: Bolsec and Castellio Kirk Essary; 39. Calvin's Lutheran critics Esther Chung-Kim; 40. Calvin's Catholic critics Ralph Keen; 41. Calvin and the Anabaptists Mirjam van Veen; Part VI. Calvin's Reception: Our Context: 42. International Calvinism Mack Holt; 43. Calvin legends: hagiography and demonology Jennifer Powell McNutt; 44. Calvin in the British Isles and the colonies Crawford Gribben; 45. Calvin in the Netherlands and the Dutch Atlantic world Christine Kooi; 46. Calvin in Asia Yudha Thianto; 47. Calvin's theoretical legacy in the seventeenth-nineteenth centuries Keith Stanglin; 48. Calvin's fortunes in the twentieth century Bruce Gordon; Conclusion. Calvin and Calvinism R. Ward Holder.
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