Jesus in Context

Jesus in Context

Making Sense of the Historical Figure

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Part I. SETTING THE SCENE: 1. Sources for our knowledge of Jesus' context; 2. The historical and social contexts; 3. The religious context; 4. Our sources of information about Jesus; 5. The writing of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; 6. Finding the historical Jesus; PART II. JESUS' LIFE. MINISTRY AND TEACHING: CONTEXT AND HISTORY: 7. Beginnings; 8. Baptism and John the Baptist; 9. Amazing teacher in Galilee: parables; 10. The kingdom of God; 11. Healings, miracles and the Son of man; 12. Friend of the 'poor'; 13. Followers and supporters; 14. Following Jesus in practice: way of life; 15. Opposition, new directions, Jesus as Messiah; 16. So to Jerusalem: journey, arrival, confrontation; 17. Jesus' vision of the future and of his own divine authority; 18. On the way to crucifixion: why did Jesus have to die?; 19. Finale in Jerusalem; 20. After the death of Jesus: victory; 21. Final conclusions, and postscript.