Islamophobia and the Law

Islamophobia and the Law


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Introduction Khaled A. Beydoun and Cyra Akila Choudhury; Part I. Race and Citizenship: 1. The citizen and the terrorist Leti Volpp; 2. Race, civil rights, and immigration law after September 11, 2001: the targeting of Arabs and Muslims Susan Akram and Kevin Johnson; 3. Constructing good aliens and good citizens: legitimizing the war on terror(ism) Karen Engle; 4. A rage shared by law: post-September 11 racial violence as crimes of passion Muneer I. Ahmad; Part II. The Politics of Islamophobia in the Courts: 5. The lost story of Iqbal Shirin Sinnar; 6. 'Muslim bans' and the (re)making of political Islamophobia Khaled A. Beydoun; 7; 'Islamic law' in US courts: judicial jihad or constitutional imperative? Faisal Kutty; Part III. Islamophobia in Criminal Law, and National Security Law: 8. A Muslim registry: a look at past practices and what may come next Abed A. Ayoub; 9. National security's broken windows Amna Akbar; 10. Muslim radicalization in prison: responding with sound penal policy or the sound of alarm? SpearIt; Part IV. Law, Society, and Islamophobia: 11. Property lawfare: historical racism and present Islamophobia in anti-mosque activism Cyra Akila Choudhury; 12. 'Liberty and death' Karen Rhone; 13. The gender of Islamophobia Aziza Ahmed; 14. Coercive assimilationism and Muslim women's identity performance in the workplace Sahar F. Aziz; Index.
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