Islam and the Culture of Modern Egypt

Islam and the Culture of Modern Egypt

From the Monarchy to the Republic

Salama, Mohammad (San Francisco State University)

Cambridge University Press






Boasting an in-depth analyses of individual texts over half a century, this intriguing history of the dynamics of Islam and culture in modern Egypt presents the conflict between tradition and secular values in a challenging new light. Including literature and film as crucial sources, this book is accessible to general readers and scholars alike.
Preface; A note on transliteration and translation; Introduction: prelude, considerations, and definitions; 1. History matters; 2. Nahda-t Misr: Zaynab and the cultural Renaissance of modern Egypt; 3. Blindness and insight: challenging the sacred/secular divide in Taha Husayn's The Days; 4. An Egyptian Sophocles: Qur'anic inspiration in Tawfiq al-Hakim's People of the Cave; 5. Writing the mad text: freedom, modernity and God in Naguib Mahfouz's 'The Whisper of Madness'; 6. Islamism writes back: Ali Ahmad Bakathir's Red Revolutionary and the dismantling of the secular; 7. Realism and utopian irony in Yusuf Idris's Farahat's Republic; 8. Islam and secular nationalism in a film age: unveiling Youssef Chahine's Gamila al-Gaza'iriyya; Appendix 1: 'The Whisper of Madness'; Appendix 2: an interview with Youssef Chahine; Appendix 3: feature films produced in Egypt from 1927-62; Bibliography; Index.
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