Ireland and the Irish in Interwar England

Ireland and the Irish in Interwar England

Moulton, Mo

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: the return of the repressed island; Part I. The Anglo-Irish War: 1. The dirtiness of this 'trouble': fighting the Anglo-Irish War; 2. The postwar international order and the mobilization of public opinion; 3. A different home front: Irish nationalists in England; 4. 'Strangers in blood' at a funeral: the Treaty of 1921 and the Irish Civil War; Part II. Irishness in Interwar England: 5. Politics and the Anglo-Irish relationship; 6. The cultural persistence of Irishness; 7. A decaying world in exile: the Anglo-Irish and other loyalists; 8. The Irish in England and the failure of ethnic politics; 9. Immigration and accommodation in Irish England; 10. The end of an era: 1939 and the salience of Irishness; Conclusion: the first decolonization?; Bibliography.
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