Iran's Political Economy since the Revolution

Iran's Political Economy since the Revolution

Maloney, Suzanne (Brookings Institution, Washington DC)

Cambridge University Press






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This book provides a comprehensive overview of Iran's political economy since the 1979 revolution and examines the country's energy sector.
1. Introduction; 2. The prelude: the political economy of pre-revolutionary Iran; 3. The economics of upheaval, 1977-80; 4. The cost of sacred defense, 1980-9; 5. The reconstruction jihad, 1989-97; 6. Ayatollah Gorbachev: reform within the red lines, 1997-2005; 7. Populism, version 2.0: the Ahmadinejad era, 2005-13; 8. Energy and the Islamic republic; 9. Sanctions and the sacred state; 10. Conclusion.
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