Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

Nastase, Horatiu (Universidade Estadual Paulista, Sao Paulo)

Cambridge University Press






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This graduate level textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to quantum field theory. Equal emphasis is given to operator and path integral formalisms, and modern research, advanced topics and numerous quantum fields are covered in detail. This is an invaluable resource for students and researchers of quantum field theory.
part I; 11. Feynman rules in X-Space and P-Space; 12. Quantization of the Dirac field and Fermionic path integral; 13. Wick theorem, Gaussian integration and Feynman rules for fermions; 14. Spin sums, Dirac field bilinears and C,P,T symmetries for fermions; 15. Dirac quantization of constrained systems; 16. Quantization of gauge fields, their path integral, and the photon propagator; 17. Generating functional for connected Green's Functions and the effective action (1PI Diagrams); 18. Dyson-Schwinger equations and ward identities; 19. Cross sections and the S-Matrix; 20. The S-matrix and Feynman diagrams; 21. The optical theorem and the cutting rules; 22. Unitarity and the largest time equation; 23. QED.
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