Introduction to Lens Design

Introduction to Lens Design

Sasian, Jose (University of Arizona)

Cambridge University Press






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A concise introduction to lens design, including the fundamental theory, concepts, methods and tools used in the field. Covering all the essential concepts and providing suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter, this book is an essential resource for graduate students working in optics and photonics.
Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Classical imaging, first-order imaging, and imaging aberrations; 3. Aspheric surfaces; 4. Thin lenses; 5. Ray tracing; 6. Radiometry in a lens system; 7. Achromatic and athermal lenses; 8. Combinations of achromatic doublets; 9. Image evaluation; 10. Lens tolerancing; 11. Using lens design software; 12. Petzval portrait objective, Cooke triplet and double Gauss lens; 13. Lens system combinations; 14. Ghost image analysis; 15. Designing with off-the-shelf lenses; 16. Mirror systems; 17. Miniature lenses; 18. Zoom lenses; Appendix 1: tables of imaging aberrations; Appendix 2: tables of pupil aberrations; Appendix 3: tables of structural aberration coefficients; Appendix 4: table of aberrations of a plane symmetric system; Appendix 5: the sine condition; Glossary; Further reading; Index.
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