Interpreting Proclus

Interpreting Proclus

From Antiquity to the Renaissance

Gersh, Stephen (University of Notre Dame, Indiana)

Cambridge University Press






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Proclus was the most important philosopher of late antiquity, a dominant voice in Byzantine thought, influential in the later western Middle Ages, and a major figure in the revival of Greek philosophy in the Renaissance. This pioneering volume discusses his influence on the thought of Europe and beyond.
One thousand years of Proclus: an introduction to his reception Stephen Gersh; 1. Proclus' life, works, and education of the soul Lucas Siorvanes; 2. Proclus as exegete Anne Sheppard; 3. Proclus as theologian Stephen Gersh; 4. 'Dionysius the Areopagite' John M. Dillon; 5. The Book of Causes Cristina d'Ancona; 6. Michael Psellos Dominic J. O'Meara; 7. Eleventh- to twelfth-century Byzantium Michele Trizio; 8. Ioane Petritsi Lela Alexidze; 9. William of Moerbeke, translator of Proclus Carlos Steel; 10. The University of Paris in the thirteenth century Pasquale Porro; 11. Dietrich of Freiberg and Berthold of Moosburg Markus Fuhrer and Stephen Gersh; 12. Nicholas of Cusa Stephen Gersh; 13. Marsilio Ficino Michael J. B. Allen; 14. Francesco Patrizi da Cherso Thomas Leinkauf.
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