International Law and Peace Settlements

International Law and Peace Settlements

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1. Framing the relationship between international law and peace settlements Marc Weller, Mark Retter and Andrea Varga; Part I. Historical Dimensions to Peace Settlement Practice: 2. Ancient peace treaties and international law Larry May; 3. The lore and laws of peace-making in early-modern and 19th-century European peace treaties Randall Lesaffer; 4. The Treaty of Westphalia as peace settlement and political concept: from a German security system to the constitution of international law Christoph Kampmann; 5. The boundaries of peace-making: British imperial encounters, c.1700-1900 Megan Donaldson; Part II. Peace Agreements as Legal Instruments: 6. The interpretation and implementation of peace agreements Laura Edwards and Jonathan Worboys; 7. The afterlife of peace agreements Mats Berdal; 8. Interactions between peace agreements and international law Philipp Kastner; Part III. Key Actors and the Role of International Law: 9. Non-state armed groups and peace agreements: examining legal capacity and the emergence of customary rules Daragh Murray; 10. Witnesses and guarantors: third-party obligations and the internationalisation of peace agreements Andrea Varga; 11. The Security Council, peace-making and peace settlement: between executive and pragmatic Nigel D. White; 12. Peace-making, peace agreements and peacekeeping: strategic, operational and normative issues Scott Sheeran and Catherine Kent; Part IV. Representation, Sovereignty and Governance: 13. Inclusion and women in peace processes Tiina Pajuste; 14. National dialogues and the resolution of violent conflicts Katia Papagianni; 15. Advancing peaceful settlement and democratisation: the doubtful usefulness of international electoral norms Brad R. Roth; 16. Power sharing and peace settlements Marie-Joelle Zahar; 17. Resolving religious conflicts through peace agreements Isak Svensson; 18. Self-determination and peace-making Marc Weller; 19. Peace agreements and territorial change Marcelo Kohen and Mamadou Hebie; Part V. Economic Aspects of Peace Settlements: 20. Political economy, international law and peace agreements Andrew Ladley and Achim Wennmann; 21. Balancing national ownership with international intervention: combating illegal exploitation of natural resources through peace processes Daniella Dam-de Jong; 22. Sharing resource wealth in conflict settlements George Anderson; 23. Overcoming violence in maritime conflicts with provisional arrangements: a legal tool for conflict resolution Christian Schultheiss; 24. Financing peace through law? Financial woes for a law of peace-making Mark Retter; Part VI. Humanitarian Obligations and Human Rights: 25. Negotiating the international legal fate of detainees Jake Rylatt and Mark Retter; 26. Accountability: essential for peace or an obstacle? Renee Jeffery; 27. The return of people and property Anneke Smit; 28. Peace settlements and human rights Jenna Sapiano; 29. Developments in peace settlement practice and international law Marc Weller.
international law; peace agreements; peace settlements; peace; peace-making; peace-building; lex pacificatoria; jus post bellum; conflict resolution; peace process