Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law

Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law

Dam-de Jong, Daniella

Cambridge University Press






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Natural resource wealth is conducive to a country's development, but such resources can also finance and fuel armed conflicts. This book assesses the role of international law in preventing natural resources from fuelling armed conflict and in improving their governance for the purposes of conflict resolution and prevention.
1. Introduction; Part I. The Legal Framework for the Governance of Natural Resources in States: 2. Defining the right of peoples and States to freely exploit their natural resources: permanent sovereignty over natural resources; 3. A closer look at peoples as subjects and beneficiaries of the principle of permanent sovereignty over natural resources; 4. Environmental law obligations relevant for the governance of natural resources; Part II. The Governance of Natural Wealth and Resources in Situations of Armed Conflict: 5. The role of international human rights and environmental law in situations of armed conflict; 6. Protection of natural resources and the environment under international humanitarian law; Part III. The Governance of Natural Resources as Part of Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding Efforts: 7. The UN Security Council and Resource-related Armed Conflicts; 8. Addressing resource-related armed conflicts with informal normative processes; 9. The contribution of international law to addressing the challenges ensuing from resource-related armed conflicts.
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