International Economic Law

International Economic Law

Text, Cases and Materials


Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Table of Cases; Table of Legislation; Introduction; Part I. International Trade Law: 1. International Trade Law: Basic Principles; 2. Tariff, Quotas and Preferential Trade Agreements; 3. Agreement on Agriculture; 4. Technical Barriers to Trade and Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary Measures; 5. Anti-dumping; 6. Subsidies, Countervailing Measures and Safeguards; 7. Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property; 8. Trade in Services; 9. Trade Exceptions; 10. WTO Dispute Settlement; Part II. International Investment Law: 11. International Investment Law in the Making; 12. The International Law of Investment; 13. International Investment Agreements, Scope, Definitions and Standards; 14. The Settlement of International Investment Disputes; Part III. Finance, Development and Aid; 15. International Monetary Law and Finance; 16. International Development and Aid; Part IV. International Economic Law at Crossroad; Contemporary Illustrations of Multidisciplinary Approaches; 1. International Economic Law and Human Rights; 2. New Architecture of Trade Agreements; 3. Digital Trade; 4. Economic Sanctions; 5. International Taxation; 6. The Blue Economy; Index.
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