International Commercial Litigation

International Commercial Litigation

Text, Cases and Materials on Private International Law

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Starting Off: 1. Introduction; Part II. Jurisdiction; 2. Jurisdiction: an analysis; 3. Jurisdiction under EU law; 4. EU law: special jurisdiction; 5. EU Law: the problem of pure financial loss; 6. The traditional English rules; 7. US law: an outline; 8. Choice-of-court agreements; 9. Jurisdictional conflicts: the common-law approach; 10. Jurisdictional conflicts: the EU approach; 11. Special topic I: product liability; 12. Special topic II: defamation; Part III. Foreign Judgments: 13. Introduction to part III; 14. EU law; 15. English law: jurisdiction; 16. English law: defences; 17. US law: some highlights; Part IV. Procedure: 18. Freezing assets; 19. Obtaining evidence abroad: forum procedures; 20. Obtaining evidence abroad: international co-operation; Part V. Choice of Law: 21. Introduction to choice of law; 22. Torts; 23. Contracts: the principle of party autonomy; 24. Contracts: legal policy and choice of law; 25. The common-law countries: regulating business, protecting employees and helping consumers; 26. Foreign currency; 27. Property: tangible movables; 28. Contractual rights and property interests - I; 29. Contractual rights and property interests - II; 30. Contractual rights and property interests - III.