Interactional Linguistics

Interactional Linguistics

Studying Language in Social Interaction

Couper-Kuhlen, Elizabeth; Selting, Margret

Cambridge University Press






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The first textbook dedicated to interactional linguistics, focusing on, and introducing, the linguistic analyses of conversational phenomena. It is an essential resource for advanced undergraduate, and postgraduate, courses on language in social interaction, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, and linguistic anthropology.
Introduction: 1. What is interactional linguistics?; Part I. How Is Interaction Conducted with Linguistic Resources?: 2. Turn construction and turn taking; 3. Repair; 4. Action formation and ascription; 5. Topic and sequence; Part II. How are Linguistic Resources Deployed in Interaction?; 6. Sentences, clauses, and phrases; 7. Clause combinations; 8. One-word constructions: particles; Conclusion: 9. Implications for language theory.
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