Integrated Management of Complex Intracranial Lesions Hardback Set and Static Online Product

Integrated Management of Complex Intracranial Lesions Hardback Set and Static Online Product

Open, Endoscopic, and Keyhole Techniques

Cambridge University Press



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Section I. Endoscopic Endonasal (EN) Combined Approaches: 1. Combined endonasal transethmoidal, transcribriform, and endoscope-assisted supraorbital craniotomy Leopold Arko iv, Peter Morgenstern and Theodore H Schwartz; 2. Combined endonasal and transorbital approach Darlene Lubbe and Hamzah Mustak; 3. Combined endonasal and transoral endoscopic approach to the craniovertebral junction Adam Kimple, Brian D. Thorpe, and Adam M. Zanation; 4. Combined endoscopic endonasal and transcervical approach Ivan El-Sayed, David Schoppy, and Madeleine Strohl; 5. Combined endoscopic endonasal and transcranial approach to complex intracranial lesions Mohammed Nuru, Ankush Chandra, and Manish Aghi; Section II. Open Combined Approaches: 6. Combined transcranial approach for tumor resection and anterior circulation vascular bypass Kumar Vasodevan, Rima Rindler, Andrew Erwood, and Gustavo Pradilla; 7. Hybrid/combined strategies for vestibular schwannomas Philip Theodosopoulos; 8. Transchoroidal, subchoroidal, and combined approaches to the third ventricle Zaid Aljuboori, Hayder R. Salih, Brian J. Williams, and Dale Ding; 9. Combined orbitofrontal craniotomy and direct orbital decompression Viraj J. Mehta, Lain Hermes Gonzalez Quarante, James A. Garrity, and Pradeep Mettu; 10. Combined transbasal and transfacial approach Michael J. Link and Eric Moore; 11. Combined middle fossa craniotomy and transmastoid approach for CSF leak repair/encephalocele resection Kevin Li and Howard Moskowitz; 12. Transcochlear and extended/combined transcochlear aproaches for complex tumors of the skull base and posterior cranial fossa Emily Guazzo, Ben Panizza, and Arturo Solares; 13. Combined retrosigmoid and orbitozygomatic approach Michael A. Mooney and Robert F. Spetzler; 14. Combined retrosigmoid and limited anterior petrousectomy ('reverse petrosectomy') Jamie Van Gompel; 15. Combined suboccipital craniotomy and neck dissection Michael J. Link and Daniel Price; 16. Combined petrosal approach Hikari Sato, Takanori Fukushima and Allan Friedman; 17. Combined keyhole paramedian supracerebellar-transtentorial approach Steven Carr, Amit Goyal and Charlie Teo; 18: Combined multi-portal 'pull-through' keyhole craniotomy Robert G. Briggs, Andrew K. Conner, Ali H. Palejwala, Panayiotis Pelargos, Griffin Ernst, Kyle P. O'Connor, Chad A. Glenn and Michael E. Sughrue; 19. Combined keyhole craniotomies for multifocal or multiple lesions Murray Echt, Abigal Funari and Vijay Agarwal; 20. Combined microsurgical and endovascular treatment of cerebrovascular and skull base pathology Brian M. Howard, Jonathan A. Grossberg, Daniel L. Barrow and Michael Cawley; 21. Combined transsylvian-subtemporal approach to anterior circulation and basilar apex aneurysms Daniel L. Barrow and James Malcolm.
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