Cambridge Studies in English Legal History

Cambridge Studies in English Legal History

Rossi, Guido (University of Edinburgh)

Cambridge University Press






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The early history of English insurance is mostly unknown. Using new and extensive archival material, Guido Rossi examines the first insurance code to be written and used in England and demonstrates both its deep links with continental practice and the very marginal role played by the common law.
1. Introduction; Part I. Legal-Historical Background: 2. Some remarks on the origins of English insurance; 3. Insurance in late sixteenth-century England; Part II. The London Code: 4. Preamble: sea-carriage and averages; 5. The making of the London Code; 6. Object of Insurance; 7. Premium; 8. The parties; 9. Risks; 10. Ship and voyage; 11. Recovery; 12. Abandonment to the insurers; 13. Reinsurance; 14. Life insurance; Concluding remarks.
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