Insurance in Elizabethan England

Insurance in Elizabethan England

The London Code

Rossi, Guido (University of Edinburgh)

Cambridge University Press






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Examines the origins of English insurance, focusing on the first English insurance code and its proximity to continental mercantile practice.
1. Introduction; Part I. Legal-Historical Background: 2. Some remarks on the origins of English insurance; 3. Insurance in late sixteenth-century England; Part II. The London Code: 4. Preamble: sea-carriage and averages; 5. The making of the London Code; 6. Object of Insurance; 7. Premium; 8. The parties; 9. Risks; 10. Ship and voyage; 11. Recovery; 12. Abandonment to the insurers; 13. Reinsurance; 14. Life insurance; Concluding remarks.
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