Institutions of Literature, 1700-1900

Institutions of Literature, 1700-1900


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Introduction: literature and institutions Jon Mee and Matthew Sangster; 1. Knowledge exchange in the seventeenth century: from the third university to the royal society Willy Maley; 2. Supporting mutual benevolence: libraries, civic benefaction and the spalding gentlemen's society, 1709-1755 Dustin Frazier Wood; 3. Institutions without addresses David A. Brewer; 4. Eighteenth-century Musenhof courts as bridges and brokers for cultural networks and social reform Nicole Pohl; 5. Becoming institutional: the case of the Anacreontic society Ian Newman; 6. Circulating libraries as institutional creators of genres Anne H. Stevens; 7. Lecturing networks and cultural institutions, 1740-1830 Jon Klancher; 8. Catalogues as instituting genres of the nineteenth-century museum: the two hunterians Dahlia Porter; 9. Charles lamb and the British museum as an institution of literature Gillian Russell; 10. A disruptive and dangerous education and the wealth of the nation: the early mechanics' institutes John Gardner; 11. The ladies contribution: women and the mechanics institute on the goldfields of Victoria Sarah Comyn; 12. Letters must increase: reading and writing the post office as a literary institution Karin Koehler; 13. Networks, nodes and beacons: cultural institutions in nineteenth-century Southeast Asia Porscha Fermanis; 14. The book as medium Sarah Crofton.
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