Innovations in CBT for Childhood Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD

Innovations in CBT for Childhood Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD

Improving Access and Outcomes

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Part I. Anxiety Disorders: 1. Phenomenology and standard evidence-based care of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents; 2. Evidence-based assessment; 3. Self-help treatment of childhood anxiety disorders; 4. New technologies to deliver CBT: computer and web-based programs, mobile applications and virtual reality; 5. Cognitive bias modification strategies for anxious children: attention and interpretation bias retraining; 6. Brief intensive treatments; 7. Pharmacologic-enhanced approaches for the anxiety disorders; 8. Enhanced family approaches for the anxiety disorders; 9. Treatment of comorbid sleep problems in anxious children; 10. Transdiagnostic approaches to the treatment of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents; 11. Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based programs for the prevention and treatment of childhood anxiety; 12. Innovations in the treatment of childhood anxiety disorders: mindfulness and self-compassion approaches; Part II. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: 13. Phenomenology and standard care of OCD in children and adolescents; 14. Evidence-based assessment of child obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD): recommendations for clinical practice and treatment research; 15. Self-help treatments for childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder including bibliotherapy; 16. New technologies to deliver CBT for young children with obsessive-compulsive disorder; 17. Interpretation and attentional bias training; 18. Innovations in treating OCD: brief, intensive treatments; 19. Pharmacologic-augmented treatments; 20. Enhanced family approaches in childhood OCD; 21. Treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder and comorbid disorders; 22. Transdiagnostic approaches; 23. Pediatric OCD: dissemination and implementation; 24. New wave therapies for pediatric OCD; Part III. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: 25. Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy: an evidence-based approach for helping children overcome the impact of child abuse and trauma; 26. Advances in the assessment of PTSD in children and young people; 27. New technologies to deliver CBT (including web-based CBT, mobile apps, and virtual reality); 28. Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR); 29. Innovation in early trauma treatment: the child and family traumatic stress intervention (CFTSI); 30. Pediatric post-traumatic stress disorder: pharmacological augmented treatments; 31. Enhanced family-based interventions for children who have been traumatized by physical abuse and neglect; 32. Treatment of PTSD and comorbid disorders; 33. Transdiagnostic treatment for youth with traumatic stress; 34. Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based treatments for childhood PTSD; 35. New wave therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder in youth.
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