Injury Impoverished

Injury Impoverished

Workplace Accidents, Capitalism, and Law in the Progressive Era

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: injuries and abstractions; Part I. The Eclipse of Recognition and The Rise of The Tyranny of The Table: 1. Commodification and recognition within the tyranny of the trial; 2. Injury impoverished; 3. Suffering and the price of life and limb; Interlude: trampler and tramped-on in the Cherry Mine fire; Part II. New Machineries of Injustice: 4. The disabling power of law and market; 5. Insuring injustice; 6. Discrimination technicians and human weeding; Conclusion: resistance and aftermath; Coda: narrative, machinery, law.
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history; law; capitalism; inequality; labor; disability; injury; workers compensation; Marxism; Progressive Era