Independence and Accountability of the Higher Indian Judiciary

Independence and Accountability of the Higher Indian Judiciary

Sengupta, Arghya

Cambridge University Press






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Acknowledgements; Table of abbreviations; Table of cases; Table of statutes; 1. Introduction; Part I. The Indian Experience: 2. Pre-tenure questions: appointments to the higher judiciary; 3. In-tenure questions: mechanisms for judicial discipline; 4. Post-tenure questions: post-retirement appointments of judges by government; Part II. A Conceptual Analysis: 5. Judicial accountability; 6. Judicial independence; 7. In search of an effective judiciary: a doctrinal reconciliation of judicial independence and accountability; Part III. Typing the Strands: 8. Harmonising judicial independence and judicial accountability in India; 9. Conclusion: a reform proposal for the Indian higher judiciary; Epilogue: the moment the judiciary came out; Appendix: post-retirement employment of judges in government appointed positions; Bibliography; Index.
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