Inclusion without Representation in Latin America

Inclusion without Representation in Latin America

Gender Quotas and Ethnic Reservations

Htun, Mala (University of New Mexico)

Cambridge University Press






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This book analyzes how Latin American countries modified their institutions to promote the inclusion of women, Afrodescendants, and indigenous peoples.
Preface and acknowledgements; 1. Introduction: politics of inclusion in Latin America; 2. Women, Afrodescendants, and indigenous peoples in elected office; 3. Gender quotas: why and how? 4. Indigenous reservations and gender parity in Bolivia with Juan Pablo Ossa; 5. The rise and fall of political inclusion in Colombia; 6. Brazil: combatting exclusion through quotas in higher education; 7. After quotas: women's presence and legislative behavior in Argentina with Marina Lacalle and Juan Pablo Micozzi; Conclusion; Appendix 1. List of research trips; Appendix 2. Mechanisms of inclusion.
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