In Pursuit of Pluralist Jurisprudence

In Pursuit of Pluralist Jurisprudence


Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction Nicole Roughan and Andrew Halpin; 2. Do lawyers need a theory of legal pluralism? Roger Cotterrell; 3. Legal reasoning in pluralist jurisprudence: the practice of the relational imagination Maksymilian Del Mar; 4. Pluralising constitutional jurisprudence Cormac Mac Amhlaigh; 5. Law and recognition: towards a relational concept of law Ralf Michaels; 6. The many uses of law. Interactional law as a bridge between instrumentalism and law's values Sanne Taekema; 7. Why the state? Joseph Raz; 8. A genealogical perspective on pluralist jurisprudence Detlef von Daniels; 9. Two conceptions of pluralist jurisprudence Stefan Sciaraffa; 10. The gap between global law and global justice: a preliminary analysis Neil Walker; 11. Plural pluralities of law Margaret Davies; 12. Postcolonial jurisprudence and the pluralist turn: from making space to being in place Kirsten Anker; 13. Legal pluralism and the value of the rule of law Martin Krygier; 14. Conclusion: the pursuits and promises of pluralist jurisprudence Nicole Roughan and Andrew Halpin.
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