Implementing Environmental Constitutionalism

Implementing Environmental Constitutionalism

Current Global Challenges

May, James R. (Widener University School of Law, Delaware); Daly, Erin (Widener University School of Law, Delaware)

Cambridge University Press






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This book investigates how constitutional environmental law might be implemented more effectively to protect the environment. It analyzes crosscutting themes (including climate change, the impact of conflict, and the need for rule of law) and investigates experiences in selected countries to draw lessons for how environmental constitutionalism can fulfill its potential.
Foreword: filling the implementation gap in environmental constitutionalism Justice Antonio Herman Benjamin; Introduction: implementing environmental constitutionalism Erin Daly and James R. May; 1. Six constitutional elements for the implementation of environmental constitutionalism in the Anthropocene Louis J. Kotze; 2. Implementing substantive constitutional environmental rights: a quantitative assessment of current practices using benchmark rankings Chris Jeffords and Joshua C. Gellers; 3. Implementing constitutional environmental rights in the Amazon rainforest Maria Antonia Tigre; 4. Climate change and environmental constitutionalism: a reflection on domestic challenges and possibilities Ademola Oluborode Jegede; 5. Natural resources, powersharing, and peacebuilding in post-conflict constitutions Carl Bruch, Aleksandra Egorova, Katie Meehan and Yousef Bugaighis; 6. Implementing environmental constitutionalism in Brazil Marcelo Buzaglo Dantas; 7. Judicial implementation of environmental constitutionalism in France: a fertile ground from the charter of the environment Jochen H. Sohnle; 8. The procedural right of access to information as a means of implementing environmental constitutionalism in South Africa Melanie Murcott; 9. Challenges and opportunities for the implementation of environmental constitutionalism in Nigeria Ngozi Finette Stewart; 10. Implementing environmental constitutionalism in Colombia: tensions between public policy and decisions of the constitutional court Ana Lucia Maya Aguirre; 11. Listening to the silence: implementing constitutional environmentalism in the United States Irma S. Russell.