Implementing Environmental Constitutionalism

Implementing Environmental Constitutionalism

Current Global Challenges


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Foreword: filling the implementation gap in environmental constitutionalism Justice Antonio Herman Benjamin; Introduction: implementing environmental constitutionalism Erin Daly and James R. May; 1. Six constitutional elements for the implementation of environmental constitutionalism in the Anthropocene Louis J. Kotze; 2. Implementing substantive constitutional environmental rights: a quantitative assessment of current practices using benchmark rankings Chris Jeffords and Joshua C. Gellers; 3. Implementing constitutional environmental rights in the Amazon rainforest Maria Antonia Tigre; 4. Climate change and environmental constitutionalism: a reflection on domestic challenges and possibilities Ademola Oluborode Jegede; 5. Natural resources, powersharing, and peacebuilding in post-conflict constitutions Carl Bruch, Aleksandra Egorova, Katie Meehan and Yousef Bugaighis; 6. Implementing environmental constitutionalism in Brazil Marcelo Buzaglo Dantas; 7. Judicial implementation of environmental constitutionalism in France: a fertile ground from the charter of the environment Jochen H. Sohnle; 8. The procedural right of access to information as a means of implementing environmental constitutionalism in South Africa Melanie Murcott; 9. Challenges and opportunities for the implementation of environmental constitutionalism in Nigeria Ngozi Finette Stewart; 10. Implementing environmental constitutionalism in Colombia: tensions between public policy and decisions of the constitutional court Ana Lucia Maya Aguirre; 11. Listening to the silence: implementing constitutional environmentalism in the United States Irma S. Russell.
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