Imaging Optics

Imaging Optics

Toeroek, Peter (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London); Braat, Joseph (Technische Universiteit Delft, The Netherlands)

Cambridge University Press






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This comprehensive and self-contained text employs ray-based, scalar and vector wave propagation methods to examine optical image formation. Focusing on the theory of optical imaging, the book discusses the design and specifications of imaging systems and their applications, providing an invaluable reference for researchers and professionals.
Preface; Acknowledgement; Part I. Electromagnetic Theory in the Optical Domain: 1. Electromagnetic wave propagation in isotropic media; 2. Wave propagation in anisotropic media; 3. Surface waves, metamaterials and perfect imaging; Part II. Geometrical Theory of Optical Imaging: 4. Foundations of geometrical optics; 5. Aberration analysis of optical systems; 6. Analytic design and optimisation of optical systems; 7. Design methods for optical imaging systems; Part III. Diffraction Theory of Optical Imaging: 8. Vectorial and scalar theory of diffraction and focussing; 9. The aberrated scalar and vector point-spread function; 10. Frequency analysis of optical imaging; 11. Theory of vector imaging; Appendix A. Fourier analysis, complex notation and vector formulas; Appendix B. Phase and group velocity of a wave packet; Appendix C. The Kramers-Kronig dispersion relations; Appendix D. Zernike polynomials; Appendix E. Magnetically induced optical rotation (Faraday effect); Appendix F. Vector point-spread function in a multilayer structure; Appendix G. V. S Ignatowsky: diffraction by a lens of arbitrary aperture; References; Author index; Subject index.
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