Imaging Optics

Imaging Optics

Braat, Joseph; Toeroek, Peter

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Acknowledgement; Part I. Electromagnetic Theory in the Optical Domain: 1. Electromagnetic wave propagation in isotropic media; 2. Wave propagation in anisotropic media; 3. Surface waves, metamaterials and perfect imaging; Part II. Geometrical Theory of Optical Imaging: 4. Foundations of geometrical optics; 5. Aberration analysis of optical systems; 6. Analytic design and optimisation of optical systems; 7. Design methods for optical imaging systems; Part III. Diffraction Theory of Optical Imaging: 8. Vectorial and scalar theory of diffraction and focussing; 9. The aberrated scalar and vector point-spread function; 10. Frequency analysis of optical imaging; 11. Theory of vector imaging; Appendix A. Fourier analysis, complex notation and vector formulas; Appendix B. Phase and group velocity of a wave packet; Appendix C. The Kramers-Kronig dispersion relations; Appendix D. Zernike polynomials; Appendix E. Magnetically induced optical rotation (Faraday effect); Appendix F. Vector point-spread function in a multilayer structure; Appendix G. V. S Ignatowsky: diffraction by a lens of arbitrary aperture; References; Author index; Subject index.
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