Humanitarianism in the Modern World

Humanitarianism in the Modern World

The Moral Economy of Famine Relief

Brewis, Georgina; Werther, Steffen; Goetz, Norbert

Cambridge University Press






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List of Tables; List of Figures; Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Famine Relief in Perspective; 1.1 Social Origins of Famine; 1.2 The Moral Economy of Aid; 2. Case Studies; 2.1 Three Ages of Humanitarianism; 2.2 The Great Irish Famine and Ad Hoc Humanitarianism; 2.3 The Russian Famine of 1921-3 and Organised Humanitarianism; 2.4 Famine in Ethiopia 1984-6 and Expressive Humanitarianism; 3. Appeals; 3.1 The Humanitarian Appeal; 3.2 Empire, Faith, and Kinship - Ireland; 3.3 Altruism, Self-Interest, and Solidarity - Soviet Russia; 3.4 Television, Shame, and Global Humanity - Ethiopia; 3.5 Arousing Compassion: A Long View on Calls for Famine Relief; 4. Allocation; 4.1 Allocating Gifts; 4.2 Fostering Local Efforts - Ireland; 4.3 Live and Let Die - Soviet Russia; 4.4 Relief, Rehabilitation, and Resettlement - Ethiopia; 4.5 Targeting Aid: Realities on the Ground across Two Centuries; 5. Accounting; 5.1 Humanitarian Accountability; 5.2 Figures, Narratives, and Omissions - Ireland; 5.3 The Power of Numbers - Soviet Russia; 5.4 More than 'Dollars' and 'Per Cent' - Ethiopia; 5.5 Keeping the Record: A Bicentennial Perspective; Conclusion: The Moral Economy of Humanitarianism; List of References; Index.
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