Human Rights in a Time of Populism

Human Rights in a Time of Populism

Challenges and Responses

Cambridge University Press






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1. Populist Threats to the International Human Rights System Gerald L. Neuman; 2. U.S. Human Rights Policy and the Trump Administration Stephen Pomper and Daniel Levine-Spound; 3. Rule-of-Law Rights and Populist Impatience Jeremy Waldron; 4. Populism and Human Rights in Poland Wojciech Sadurski; 5. Representation, Paternalism, and Exclusion: The Divergent Impacts of the AKP's Populism on Human Rights in Turkey Jamie O'Connell; 6. The Legal Architecture of Populism: Exploring Antagonists in Venezuela and Colombia Helena Alviar Garcia; 7. Penal Populism in Emerging Markets: Human Rights and Democracy in the Age of Strongmen Richard Javad Heydarian; 8. The Populist Threat to Democracy in Myanmar Yee Htun; 9. In Defense of Democratic Populism Douglas A. Johnson; 10. Populism and International Human Rights Law Institutions: A Survival Guide Laurence R. Helfer; 11. Human Rights Responses to the Populist Challenge Gerald L. Neuman; Index.
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