Human Rights in Thick and Thin Societies

Human Rights in Thick and Thin Societies

Universality without Uniformity

Kaplan, Seth D. (The Johns Hopkins University)

Cambridge University Press






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How can we pursue healthy pluralism in our diverse world? This book is for scholars, activists, and practitioners working on human rights, peacebuilding, and religious freedom. With a comprehensive look at the Universal Declaration, it unpacks the relationship between culture and rights, universalism versus relativism, and the impact of religion.
1. Introduction; 2. The UDHR: flexible universalism; 3. Cultural psychology's contribution; 4. Thick versus thin societies; 5. The limits of Western human rights discourse; 6. Case study: male circumcision in Europe; 7. Case study: Rwanda's Gacaca Courts; 8. Conclusion: a return to basics.
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