Making of International Human Rights

Making of International Human Rights

The 1960s, Decolonization, and the Reconstruction of Global Values

Jensen, Steven L. B.

Cambridge University Press






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The history of human rights is a history of our times. This book offers a remarkable reinterpretation, showing how key Third World states during the 1960s initiated the 'human rights revolution'. They changed international norms and Western politics, challenged the Communist world, and made human rights central to global politics.
Introduction; 1. 'Power carries its own conviction': the early rise and fall of human rights, 1945-60; 2. 'The problem of freedom': the United Nations and decolonization, 1960-1; 3. From Jamaica with law: the rekindling of international human rights, 1962-7; 4. The making of a precedent: racial discrimination and international human rights law, 1962-6; 5. 'The hymn of hate': the failed convention on elimination of all forms of religious intolerance, 1962-7; 6. 'So bitter a year for human rights': 1968 and the UN International Year for Human Rights; 7. 'To cope with the flux of the future': human rights and the Helsinki Final Act, 1962-75; 8. The presence of the disappeared, 1968-93; Conclusion.
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