Human Rights in History

Human Rights in History

Hong, Young-Sun (State University of New York, Stony Brook)

Cambridge University Press






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This book examines the relationship between the postwar German states and Third World liberation movements through historical analysis of humanitarian aid programs. Although these efforts functioned as an arena for Cold War power struggles, they fostered transnational collaboration. Hong brings a much-needed historical perspective to contemporary debates on global governance.
Introduction; Part I. Race, Security, and Cold War Humanitarianism: 1. Bipolar (dis)order; Part II. The Global Humanitarian Regime at Arms: 2. Through a glass darkly; 3. Mission impossible; 4. Back to the future in Indochina; 5. 'Solidarity is might!'; Part III. Global Health, Development, and Labor Migration: 6. Know your body and build socialism; 7. The time machine 'development'; 8. Far away, so close; 9. Things fall apart; Conclusion.
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