Human Rights in Armed Conflict

Human Rights in Armed Conflict

Law, Practice, Policy

Oberleitner, Gerd

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. Human Rights in Armed Conflict: History of an Idea: 1. From mediaeval sources to modernity; 2. The science of warfare and the progress of civilization; 3. 1945: whither war?; 4. Human rights in armed conflict; Part II. Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: Theory: 5. Exclusivity: the misconceived idea of lex specialis; 6. Complementarity: maximizing protection; 7. Integration: the transformative influence of human rights; Part III. Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: Challenges and Commonalities: 8. The right to life: the limits of human rights in armed conflict?; 9. The extraterritorial application of human rights: functional universality; 10. War as emergency: derogation; 11. Human rights and humanitarian obligations; 12. Operationalising human rights in armed conflict; Part IV. The Dynamics of War and Law: 13. The changing character of war; 14. Governing internal armed violence; 15. Human rights in situations of occupation; 16. Context: the humanization of international law; Part V. Enforcement: Practice and Potential: 17. United Nations Human Rights Council: monitoring armed conflicts; 18. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights; 19. United Nations human rights treaty bodies; 20. The Inter-American human rights system; 21. The European Court of Human Rights; 22. The African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights; 23. Monitoring and litigating humanitarian rights: prospects; Conclusion.
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