Human Rights, Democracy, and Legitimacy in a World of Disorder

Human Rights, Democracy, and Legitimacy in a World of Disorder

Neuman, Gerald L. (Harvard University, Massachusetts); Voeneky, Silja (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg, Germany)

Cambridge University Press






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This book is for philosophers, legal scholars, and every reader who is interested in knowing more about the key concepts that help to stabilize states and the international order: human rights, democracy, and legitimacy. This volume shows the new challenges they will face in the conditions of disorder brought by the twenty-first century.
Introduction; Part I. General Aspects of Human Rights, Democracy, and Legitimacy: 1. Human rights as membership rights in the world society Mathias Risse; 2. Human rights, treaties, and international legitimacy Gerald L. Neuman; 3. Human rights and constitutional rights: a proceduralizing function for substantive constitutional law? Frank I. Michelman; 4. Expectation-based legitimacy Wilfried Hinsch; 5. The second bill of rights: a reconsideration Samuel Moyn; Part II. Current Problems of Human Rights, Democracy, and Legitimacy: 6. Human rights and the legitimate governance of existential and global catastrophic risks Silja Voeneky; 7. On the human right to health: statistical lives, contingent persons, and other difficult questions I. Glenn Cohen; 8. Democracy, health systems, and the right to health: narratives of charity, markets, and citizenship Alicia Ely Yamin; 9. Political legitimacy and private governance of human rights: community-business social contracts and constitutional moments Tyler Giannini; 10. Human rights and legitimacy in the implementation of EU asylum and migration law Iris Goldner Lang; 11. On uses and misuses of human rights in European constitutionalism Vlad Perju.