How to Integrate It

How to Integrate It

A Practical Guide to Finding Elementary Integrals

Stewart, Sean M.

Cambridge University Press






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1. The Riemann integral; 2. Basic properties of the definite integral - Part I; 3. Some basic standard forms; 4. Basic properties of the definite integral - Part II; 5. Standard forms; 6. Integration by substitution; 7. Integration by parts; 8. Trigonometric integrals; 9. Hyperbolic integrals; 10. Trigonometric and hyperbolic substitutions; 11. Integrating rational functions by partial fraction decomposition; 12. Six useful integrals; 13. Inverse hyperbolic functions and integrals leading to them; 14. Tangent half-angle substitution; 15. Further trigonometric integrals; 16. Further properties for definite integrals; 17. Integrating inverse functions; 18. Reduction formulae; 19. Some other special techniques and substitutions; 20. Improper integrals; 21. Two important improper integrals; Appendix A. Partial fractions; Appendix B. Answers to selected exercises; Index.
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