How Theology Shaped Twentieth-Century Philosophy

How Theology Shaped Twentieth-Century Philosophy

Cambridge University Press






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Acknowledgments; Introduction: the thinning out of the world; 1. Empiricism and theology; 2. John McDowell: rejecting the defensive move inward; 3. Aristotle redivivus: on Saul Kripke; 4. Hegel, theology, and Pippin's reading of Hegel; 5. Walter Benjamin: incarnation or radical incommensurability?; 6. Rolling back the Protestant Reformation: Wittgenstein and Dennett; 7. McDowell (II): active and passive faculties and the theological framework; 8. Derrida, the religion of the sublime, and the messianic; 9. Literature today and the sublime absence of aesthetic experience; 10. Where do we go from here?; Bibliography; Index.
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