How Biology Shapes Philosophy

How Biology Shapes Philosophy

New Foundations for Naturalism

Smith, David Livingstone (University of New England, Maine)

Cambridge University Press






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How Biology Shapes Philosophy is a unique collection of essays by leading thinkers showing how biology illuminates philosophy and helps us acquire a deeper understanding of the human condition. Both rigorous and highly accessible, it will be of interest to philosophers, biologists and social scientists, as well as non-academics.
1. Biophilosophy David Livingstone Smith; 2. Darwin and the overdue demise of essentialism Daniel C. Dennett; 3. Darwinism as philosophy: can the universal acid be contained? Alexander Rosenberg; 4. Animal evolution and the origins of experience Peter Godfrey-Smith; 5. Neurophilosophy Patricia Churchland; 6. Teleosemantics David Papineau; 7. The methodological argument for informational teleosemantics Karen Neander; 8. Nature's purposes and mine Ronald De Sousa; 9. Biology and the theory of rationality Samir Okasha; 10. Evolution and ethical life Philip Kitcher; 11. Human nature Edouard Machery; 12. A postgenomic perspective on sex and gender John Dupre; 13. Biophilosophy of race Luc Faucher; 14. How philosophers 'learn' from biology: reductionist and anti-reductionist 'lessons' Richard N. Boyd.
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