How Autocrats Compete

How Autocrats Compete

Parties, Patrons, and Unfair Elections in Africa

Morse, Yonatan L.

Cambridge University Press






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1. The puzzle of electoral authoritarian competition; 2. Ruling parties, international patrons, and electoral authoritarian competition; 3. Electoral authoritarian competition and the African experience; 4. The origins and structure of ruling parties in Tanzania, Cameroon, and Kenya; 5. Ruling party credibility and the management of elite competition; 6. Ruling party credibility and the sources of voter support; 7. The electoral consequences of international patronage; 8. Authoritarian competition in Africa's former single-party regimes; Conclusions. The comparative study of electoral authoritarianism; Appendix I. Electoral authoritarian competition in Africa; Appendix II. Typological theory coding and scores.
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