Hitler's Fatal Miscalculation

Hitler's Fatal Miscalculation

Why Germany Declared War on the United States

Cambridge University Press






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List of Figures; List of Maps; Preface; Acknowledgments; List of Abbreviations and German Terms; Introduction; 1. Hitler's Pre-war Assessment of the United States and Japan; 2. Hitler's Physical Health in Autumn 1941; 3. 'All measures short of war': the German Assessment of American Strategy, 1940/41; 4. Forging an Unlikely Alliance: Germany and Japan, 1933-1941; 5. Facing the Same Dilemma: The US and German Quest for Rubber; 6. The Crisis of the German War Economy, 1940/41; 7. The End of Blitzkrieg? Barbarossa and the Impact of Lend-Lease; 8. The Battle of the Atlantic; 9. The Luftwaffe on the Eve of Global War; 10. The Holocaust; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.
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